e mërkurë, 25 korrik 2007

Dr. Mervin Silva fined only Rs. 2000 for a fraud of Rs. 70000

Colombo High Court Judge W.G.M.G.B. Waraweva today (24) ordered to pay Rs. 2500 government costs to Minister of Labor Dr. Mervin Silva who pleaded guilty for a fraud.

Dr. Silva was accused for giving an invalid checque dated July 08, 1994 worth of Rs. 70,000 to one Mohammed Nazeem Mohammed Falul in a deal pertaining to a lease agreement.

The Attorney General filed this case against Dr. Silva following the investigations of the CID regarding the cheque that did not realize. Dr. Silva was accused of misuse of Rs. 70,000 through a checque dated July 08, 1994 issued from Hatton National Bank, Kotte branch. Amidst a long drawn legal proceeding, the Minister pleaded guilty today and court ordered him to pay a government cost of Rs. 2500.

Meanwhile, in another case regarding a fraud of Rs. 82.3 million done by another person, the Colombo High Court today ordered to refund that amount, fined Rs. 2.1 and sentenced two years suspended for ten years. This case was heard in High Court Number 7 while Dr. Mervin Silva's case was heard in High Court Number 4.

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Castedeus tha...

I know he has an honourary doctorate... but seriously, what are his educational credentials? (I mean those that have been earned?) Does this not ridicule all those who have worked hard for their own academic qualifications?